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ISO tank containers are built based on ISO standards (International Organization for Standardization) and are designed to carry liquids in bulk, both hazardous and non-hazardous.
Standard ISO Tank Equipment
Specialized ISO Tank Equipment
LNG Tanks
Intermediate Bulk Containers
(IBC's or Tote Tanks)

Standard ISO Tank Equipment

20’ and 40’ ISO-Tanks  

Specialized ISO Tank Equipment

lntermodal tanks can be transferred as a regular container, between trucking, railroad, and marine vessels without affecting its contents.

Strictly dedicated ISO tanks for compatible edible products are used as food grade tanks. In addition, Flexitank Inc. has designed heat resistant ISO tanks made of stainless steel for specific services such as aviation gasoline and Toluene Diisocyanate. The IMO 5’s are only used to transport compressed or liquefied gas inside a steel-solid tank.

Flexi-Bags: For non-hazardous products

This equipment consists of a pillow type tank inside a 20′ dry container, typically in the 21,000-25,000 It. range, which could be constructed from a nylon/polyurethane composite material (thermoplastic) or from rubber (elastomer). There are disposable versions of the thermoplastic tank but generally they are extensively re-used. 

Flexitank recommends flexible tanks for products sensitive to air exposure, such as latex, and for long routes where the lower capital costs result in substantial savings.

Flexible Tanks cannot be used to transport hazardous materials.

Other Specialized ISO Tank Equipment

Superior insulated ISO

Oversized ISO

Ammonia gas ISO


Refrigerated containers

LNG Tanks

We have a fleet of 40’ LNG Cryogenic ISO tanks ready to optimize your local bulk liquified natural gas supply chain. These tanks are an efficient and cost-effective solution to worldwide energy problems.

Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC’s or Tote Tanks)

IBC’s are gaining enormous popularity in industrialized nations due to the many benefits they offer over drums:

  • Reduced packaging and distribution costs
  • Increased productivity
  • Lower product losses
  • Lesser environmental impact and safety risks

Flexitank, Inc. is actively promoting a combination of intermodal tank transportation and localized IBC’s to replace drum distribution in the off-shore markets. Through its local agencies, Flexitank, Inc. deploys a number of IBC’s in the country, which can be rotated between our warehouse and the receiving consumer or be permanently positioned at the latter (to be refilled by a moving tanker).

Flexitank, Inc. has long and short-lived IBC’s, depending on the initial investment justified, which range in capacity from 220 gallons/833 liters (4 drums) to 550 gallons/2,082 liters (10 drums). Highly hazardous materials can also be handled in IBC’s. They could be purchased, leased, or operated based on customer needs.